Stories That Will Make You Feel Good

An Ode to Interns

“To the forces behind the light that make it shine throughout the day, To the makers of this website, who give it that blissful ray, Of light, empowered, that’s what beats in our heartstrings, fly To the moon, the stars, and remember your mark in the sky.” - Nicole...

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The Re-gifter

'Tis the season of the re-gifters! It's that time of the year. It began about two weeks ago, sometime between the last carving of the turkey and the first pouring of eggnog. Out of an 11-month hibernation, they started appearing. At first their numbers were sparse....

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GiveGood’s Thanksgiving Wish If our days could be filled with small rebellions Senseless, brutal acts of kindness from us all -- “Small Rebellions” by Jars of Clay GiveGood wishes all of our friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We believe that our deepest and most meaningful...

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Welcome to GiveGood

Welcome to GiveGood! We are a new company based in Memphis, Tennessee, dedicated to bringing you products that empower young adults on the autistic spectrum. We are offering new solutions that meet the huge needs today. We just wrapped up our first official sales...

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We create handcrafted food products to employ and empower individuals on the autism spectrum.

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